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Welcome To Our Eco-friendly Shop!

New Hope Funky Stuff

Not Just A Store

It's An Experience

Begin your journey at the entrance of historic Ney Alley, and follow the colorful path of chalk designs that lead you right to our door.

Step inside the wonder of the past, present and future . . . explore.

Bring your kids, your dogs, your friends; we welcome everyone, even parrots!

We've got a friendly staff that's always happy to help you, excellent music, and of course, a great line of products, featuring: recycled, repurchased & upcycled eco-friendly items; non-GMO seeds; locally made dog treats, candles & jewelry; along with hookahs & shisha; oils, herbs, & incense; stickers & buttons; musical instruments and lots more. Find us at 87 South Main Street (right across the street from Spatola's and Mohitos Restaurants), New Hope, PA. It's an enchanting little town with lots to see and do.

Introducing . . .



All-natural, Handmade

Aromas & Gifts

Inspired By Nature

Our own locally made brand, crafted with loving hands to give you the personal touch that's missing from the world of mass production, we offer you: Body & Room Mists, Shower Blasts, Soy Candles, Lip Balms, Grateful Jars, and we'll continue to add more creations for you. We also have an online store; here's the link:

We've Got Something For Everyone ...

Even Your Pets!